iGrade Evaluations

iGrade Evaluations

With the semester wrapping up soon, your feedback is requested for our faculty and course evaluations. These evaluations can be found by logging into your My Missouri State > Registration > My Schedule > Rate Your Current Instructors link (iGrade Instructor Evaluations).

To Submit Evaluations:

Go to the Registration tab in My Missouri State and then under My Schedule, select Rate Your Current Instructors link (iGrade Instructor Evaluation) at the bottom of the page.

To View Evaluations:

Students: Go to My Missouri State > Registration >Resources > View Instructor Ratings

Faculty: Go to My Missouri State> Teaching & Advising > Rosters and Evaluations > iGrade Instructor Evaluations 

This does NOT replace evaluations conducted by University departments.

The members of SGA developed the list of evaluation questions desired and these questions were reviewed, revised, and then approved by the members of the Faculty Senate.


  • Only full semester and block classes for fall and spring semesters can be evaluated
  • Only classes that have 10 or more students enrolled AND 10 or more evaluations submitted will have evaluation results available for viewing
  • Evaluations are submitted via the password-protected iGrade system which ensures that students are enrolled in classes to be evaluated and that only one evaluation per class is submitted

iGrade System Revisions October 2008:

The original system as described below allowed only a small percentage of evaluations to be viewable. It was decided to modify the system to aggregate all evaluations of each instructor rather than having evaluations listed per instructor per class per semester. This change allows evaluation information to be available for almost all instructors. The only exclusions are for instructors who have fewer than 10 evaluations submitted.

This redesign of the iGrade system also allows the University to better comply with the recently enacted Consumer Information provisions of Senate Bill 389.

These evaluations have been developed through the cooperation of students and faculty, and your input is very important! Please share these instructions with your friends, and do your share to continue improving our school!