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The Student Government Association was officially formed in 1921 as a representative body to the university, though it was then called the Student Council. In the 1950s, the organization became known as the Student Senate, and by spring 1962 it was titled the Student Government Association. The legislative branch is still often referred to as the Student Senate (Senate).

Composition of the SGA

SGA, like our United States Federal Government, is separated into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. It is important to remember that, like our U.S. Government, SGA follows a separation of powers. This means that members of the Executive Branch are to have little to do with the affairs of the Legislative and Judicial Branches. The same is expected of the other two branches. Each branch serves a specific role which will be outlined in the following section.


SGA is fortunate enough to be under advisement by the Dean of Students, Michael Jungers. Dean Jungers serves as the immediate advisor to SGA and provides guidance when necessary.

Dean Jungers

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