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Attention Missouri State students! Student Government Association will resume its weekly meetings in the Fall 2017 semester. You should apply to be a senator if you want to get involved on campus, make an impact on issues pertintent to you and your peers, voice your opinion, network, develop yourself professionally, and love the bears

If any of those interest you, fill out the SGA application found in the Get Involved tab.


The Student Government Association was officially formed in 1921 as a representative body to the university, though it was then called the Student Council. In the 1950s, the organization became known as the Student Senate, and by spring 1962 it was titled the Student Government Association. The legislative branch is still often referred to as the Student Senate (Senate).

Composition of the SGA

SGA, like our United States Federal Government, is separated into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. It is important to remember that, like our U.S. Government, SGA follows a separation of powers. This means that members of the Executive Branch are to have little to do with the affairs of the Legislative and Judicial Branches. The same is expected of the other two branches.

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Elections Code

The 2018 Elections Code is not yet available. Click below to read and learn about the 2017 Elections Code.

Elections Code - 2017

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Click the button below to be directed to the 2016-2017 Executive Commissioner Application. Applications for 2017-2018 are not yet available.

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Need to have your opinions heard? Want to bring somethings to the President's attention? Think you can improve SGA? Then you've come to the right place! Let SGA know your opinions by using our Suggestion Box. Simply type whatever you'd like to get off your chest into the field below, and your opinion will be sent straight to the SGA Executive and Legislative Branches.

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About the Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is home to the Campus Judicial Board (CJB) and is composed of seven (7) students of Missouri State University. These students have a lifetime tenure within the CJB for the duration of their time as a student. The CJB justices are nominated by a committee of MSU students, appointed by the Student Body President. All students and student organizations are subject to the jurisdiction of this board. The primary functions of the board are interpreting the Constitution, Bylaws and Manuals of Commission of the Student Government Association, and serving as the appellate board to students and student organizations.