Minutes and Resolutions

SGA Document Database

Over the past year, the Student Government Association has been working to compile a collection of resolutions from past senate sessions. Resolutions dating as far back as 1969 can be found there as the SGA document database continues to grow.

Minutes Archive

If you'd like to access the minutes from any of our meetings, whether from this current academic year or from past years, they can be accessed here.  If you have any questions concerning navigation of this page, please direct them to Secretary Wadle at Conor26@live.missouristate.edu. 

Resolutions Archive

Student Government Association has worked on some incredible projects, and continues to do so. We've done our best to maintain a database of the different resolutions we've passed in order to make change on this campus, and they can be accessed here. For help navigating this page, or if you'd like to find something specific, please email Secretary Wadle at Conor26@live.missouristate.edu


Just like every other student organization, we govern ourselves according to a constitution and bylaws. These are the core of how we function. For more in depth information on how Student Government Association run, the bylaws and constitution can be accessed here.