Legislative Branch

Legislative Head:

The Legislative Branch is headed by the Student Body Vice-President. The Vice-President has the authority to preside over and conduct senate meetings, as provided by the Student Government Association Constitution. This individual oversees the conduct and projects of the legislative committees and also serves as an ex officio member of each committee. In the absence of the Student Body President, the Vice-President assumes the President's role.

Student Body Vice-President - Caitlin Shaefer


Speaker Pro-Tempore - To Be Determined


Legislative Committees:


Academic Affairs - Josh Maurer


Administrative Services - Abdillahi Dirie


Diversity and Inclusion - Cidney Grimes


Information Services - Bradley Wyman


Public Affairs - Victoria Kelley


Research and Development - Ethan Schroeder

Student Affairs - Katy Warfield


Sustainability - Brooke Widmar


University Advancement - Sydney Ladendecker