Cabinet Member of the Month

The award of Cabinet Member of the Month is awarded to an executive cabinet member within Student Government Association who has gone above and beyond the standard duties of his or her given office. This award is presented on a monthly basis to the cabinet member selected by the Student Body President.

Cabinet Member About this officer Month
Wyatt Taylor Wyatt is a new member of cabinet this year, but has put in an extraordinary amount of work into his position as Director of Sustainability. Wyatt has already been contributing to the sustainability of the community through his position in SGA. August 2015
Jeremy Morgan Jeremy has down an outstanding job as Chief Financial Officer. He's had to overcome some obstacles that in past years, were not an issue. Jeremy is constantly budgeting and handling all of the paperwork that allows the Student Government Association to function at the capacity it does. September 2015
Zak Wilkerson Director Wilkerson has done a tremendous amount of work towards his projects. Between juggling his Taylor Health renovation project and Sexual Assault Prevention/Awareness programs, he has been keeping busy in the office. We can already start to see the outcome of the work he is doing. October 2015
Jordan Upchurch Jordan Upchurch went above and beyond his duties regarding diversity and inclusion during the month of November. He did an outstanding job meeting with students and faculty. November 2015
Max Wagner Max was an outstanding member of cabinet and worked on many projects while school was not in session. While a lot of SGA projects were on pause, Max was continually working on the projects from the University Advancement Committee. December 2015
Courtney Nichols Sergeant Nichols did an outstanding job keeping quorum during senate. February's senate sessions had many controversial resolutions in which quorum was important and Courtney did amazing at keeping senators accountable for attendance and voting. February 2015
Ben Borgstede Ben was responsible keeping the website up to date. He also published the mobile template to the SGA website and makes sure surveys are effectively displayed for the student body. March 2015