Executive Branch

Executive Head:

The Executive Branch is headed by the Student Body President who serves as the official head of
the student body. This means that the President maintains communication between university
administration and the student body. The Executive Branch is also composed of the Student
Body Vice President, the Senior Class President, and Executive officials and commission chairs.

Student Body President - Adam Coffman

The Student Body President serves as the official head of the student body and shall perform all
duties pertaining to the office. The President must regularly give the Senate information
concerning the state of the campus. The President oversees the Executive branch which
maintains the internal functions of SGA.

Executive Officials:

Chief of Staff - Brandon McCoy

Student Body Vice President - Brianna Duda

Student Governor - Tyree Davis

Senior Class President - Daniel Guerrini

Sergeant at Arms - Isaiah Villarreal

Secretary - Danny Clover


Chief Communications Officer - Sydney Kohm

Maintains communications and correspondence between SGA and members of the media (The Standard, Growl, etc), as well as between SGA and the student body.

Chief Financial Officer - Austin Nolan

Assists the president in forming the budget of SGA as well as making purchases for SGA. This person will also need to keep a running spreadsheet of all purchases.

Chief Information Officer - Richard Garcia

Maintains the SGA website and ensure that SGA software and computer systems are working properly so that information can be effectively released.

Chief Elections Commissioner - Tylyn Anders

Oversees the Election Commission as well as plan and conduct the student body elections.

Sustainability Commissioner - Chris Klenke

Oversees the Sustainability Commission which maintains the sustainability fund. Must review and approve proposals that encourage sustainability on campus.

Chief Title IX Commissioner - Amy Ramirez

Wyrick Commissioner - Dominic Pecoraro

Oversees the Wyrick Commission. The Commission will review and approve projects for Wyrick Proposals that are capital improvement projects.